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Palmisanos Martial Arts is a leader in providing martial arts training in a safe, fun, and rewarding environment.

ATA Tigers & MAK - Martial Arts Kids

Our programs help children develop martial arts skills, social skills, self-discipline, responsibility, goal setting, courtesy, focus, self control, and respect for self and others.


Teens & Adults

We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities. Once you have acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance your physical capabilities, maximize your self-defense skills, and develop a positive attitude. Our instructors will be there every step of the way and help you reach your goals.

We emphasis important monthly Life Skills that will help lead to personal successes in life. These Life Skills will benefit our students inside the ATA classroom and beyond.


The teaching curriculum at the Palmisanos Martial Arts is based on two concepts: "positive mental attitude" and "high goal setting." We feel so positive about this program that we promise to give you and your family the most professional, well supervised and the highest quality classes available in the Bryan / College Station area.

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ATA Tigers ( Ages 5 - 6 )

The Tiger program was developed specifically for preschool age children ages 5 through 6. This program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. In addition, the program is designed to improve children's motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions. Our Tigers have their own age-specific curriculum which keeps the classes fun and exciting, while maintaining a structured, disciplined, and positive learning experience. All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group. This program works in conjunction with the Karate for Kids program, thereby emphasizing the same important monthly themes and values system. 


Martial Arts Kids ( Ages 7 - 12 )

There are many reasons for kids to become involved in the Martial Arts. The ATA has developed a internationally recognized program based on traditional Taekwondo for kids Martial Arts Kids. The MAK system emphasizes a lifetime learning concept values system in addition to technical skills. This aspect of our Taekwondo and philosophy is very important to us. The building blocks for our system are monthly themes called Life Skills. Our classes are fun and exciting and will enhance your child's life. Lessons are a fun and exciting way to help teach children the skills that they will need in life.

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ATA Martial Arts

Teen & Adults (13 - up)

Teens & Adults 

We all want to feel strong, healthy and confident. With our help we can train you mentally and physically to reach your goals. In no time you will be advancing in skills and disciplines that will pay off in all areas of your life. We believe that developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life. In our adult programs you will experience a unique approach to self defense and exercise. Your flexibility will be enhanced through a gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques. You will find that breathing and concentration exercises sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to relax from the stress of daily life. This unique combination of using the power of the body and mind is the key to increased energy, self discipline, and fitness for a longer happier life.  

ATA Martial Arts

In today’s world, leadership skills are crucial tools for success at home, in the community, at school and in the workplace. Our Leadership Program helps to develop leadership skills, gives students the opportunity to take on leadership roles in class, and builds self-confidence among children and adults.


Students in the Leadership Program focus extensively on Life Skills such as knowledge, humility, vision, discipline, passion and empathy. Class discussions help students to understand the meaning of these life skills and how they apply at home, at school and in their communities.

The Leadership Program also offers students advanced training in weapons and self-defense.



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Please take time to watch our video on how we are here helping our students become leaders in the Bryan / College Station community.


Additionally, the Leadership Program includes our ATA Xtreme training, which takes traditional Taekwondo to an extreme level. ATA Xtreme is an elite approach to training that blends martial art with acrobatics and performance style presentation. All ATA Xtreme students may participate on our Demonstration Team. 

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